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Why Do We Recommend This Product?

Apocaps CX is the world’s first apoptosis pill, developed by Dr Dressler. It is made in the USA with all-natural, 100%-human-grade ingredients and is manufactured to human-grade standards. Apocaps CX is the only apoptosis formula available specifically for dogs.

This product was developed by a veterinarian specifically for use with his own canine patients. Veterinarians and Veterinary oncologists around the world recommend Apocaps for dogs who could benefit from apoptosis support.

Apocaps CX can also be used in conjunction with Everpup, also formulated by Dr Dressler, as it is considered a multi-vitamin. 

In Chapter 12 of the Dog Cancer Survival Guide, Dr Dressler discusses nutraceuticals, specially Apocaps CX, at length, and provides further insight into the world’s first apoptosis pill.

For more information on Apocaps and other supplements for dogs with cancer, please read this post on the Dog Cancer Blog:

We hope this helps! 🙂