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Dog Wear

Just like us, when our dogs are recuperating they feel the temperature more keenly. A quality coat can make the difference between wanting to go out and wanting to stay inside.

Boots come in so many varieties now; they can assist with wound healing as well as helping your dog feel more confident and able to walk without slipping. In winter especially, our dogs can accumulate snow and ice in between their toes. A good boot will avoid this problem and give your girl or boy more traction as well. Some of the lighter boots are made to wear inside, over wooden, vinyl or laminated floors.

If your dog is elderly or is having some issues with bladder control, then Dog Diapers may be an option for your dog to try!

Hats not only provide a shield for your dog's eyes against the sunlight, they can be used as extra protection during the winter or rainy months.

Leads and Collars are an important part of our dog's safety as well as their image. We offer a selection of safe and useful options.

Dog Wear